Hörmontera – the audio to JAGÄLSKA’s instructions

Are JAGÄLSKA’s assembly instructions too complicated? You have tried everything without succeeding? Or do you simply don’t feel like deciphering pictograms? No problem: Hörmontera’s audio guides will do the trick!

Instructions can wreck the nerves of even the most patient people. Pictograms that are easily misunderstood, instructions with confusing illustrations, or insufficient guidance – all of this can ensure that the desire to assemble a newly purchased piece of furniture and to put it into use quickly fades. Instead, only frustration spreads. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We at Hörmontera have developed a solution to those issues!

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With our audio guides in English and German you will receive detailed and carefully elaborated instructions to follow. The guides are provided for all pieces of JAGÄLSKA furniture, are easy to use and developed considering our customers’ requests.

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